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Extending Customer Support
By Cassandra Balentine

Customer experience is a core—and growing—part of every organization’s overall business strategy. Help desk offerings are available to provide a seamless and positive experience for customers....
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From Apps to Content, Hardware, and Security
By SW Staff

Mobile device management (MDM) is an expanding and evolving technology sector. As more organizations and employees rely on remote capabilities, many elements are considered.... More >> 


BI for Business Results
By SW Staff

Business intelligence (BI) is essential to the continued growth and evolution of enterprises worldwide. They understand the importance of collecting and managing data, but it is the next step—leveraging that .  ...
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2014 Software 500
By John P. Desmond

Overall revenue for the 2014 Software 500 companies reached $717.7 billion, up 7.1% from last year’s $670.2 billion, according to findings of the 2014 Software 500 ranking of the world’s largest software and services companies, now in its 32nd year. ...
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Configuration Testing Mobile Apps
By Jean Ann Harrison

Mobile software apps (apps) are becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. A recent study published by digital lifestyle reporter, Andrea Smith on Mashable ... More >> 


Disruption in the Software Industry
By Matthew Healey

This issue of Software Magazine is focused on the Software 500, a rank of the 500 software vendors—mostly public but some private  ...
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TeamSupport Collaborative Customer Support
By TeamSupport

TeamSupport is a complete customer support suite that facilitates communication and collaboration between internal team members, constituents within the company and clients to solve issues.
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Company Overview
By 22nd Century Technologies, Inc.

Over 16 years of experience providing IT services and solutions to federal, state, local government agencies, and commercial clients.
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Customer Focused Customer Support
By TeamSupport

Most customer support software only focuses on tickets, and not the customer as a whole. But it’s not called ticket support, it’s called customer support. TeamSupport makes it easy to get your focus back to the customer where it belongs.
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Adopting and Optimizing
By NetSuite

In this on-demand webinar Amy Konary, Research VP at IDC, shares insights from recent research into the evolution of software licensing and the benefits and challenges of a subscription model.
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Tiered Customer Support is Dead
By TeamSupport

A fast-growing number of companies are abandoning the old Tiered model of support for a more collaborative and team-based approach to service.
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Why and How to Achieve Global ERP

More and more companies are developing an interest in global ERP, and are confronting daunting barriers to getting to their goal of a single global ERP instance.
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Risk Analysis and Management
By (ISC)²

Modern software applications are dependent on tools and other applications that originate from outside the organization. The governance and the implementation of these approaches vary.
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The Need for Secure Software
By (ISC)²

Secure software is about more than writing secure code. It is a convergence of policy, processes and people. All of the policy and process control security measures are futile without the first line of defense - people.
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The Four Cornerstones of a Comprehensive Software Monetization Strategy
By SafeNet

As software pricing, packaging, and licensing requirements have become more complicated, so have the associated operational processes.
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State of the Cloud Computing Marketplace
By Flexera Software

The paper analyzes the popularity of cloud computing with software publishers. It also explores new pricing models developed by cloud providers—including usage-based licensing.
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A TeamSupport Case Study - Axceler
By TeamSupport

After researching various products, Axceler selected TeamSupport because it was the easiest, most flexible solution for their needs.
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eSim Games
By Wibu-Systems

Secure licensing made easy. See how a leading developer of military training simulation software protects its IP and employs flexible licensing models to grow its business.
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